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As a techie, I go for both - Great performance and perfect size

By Abhijit Dey
Techie, Star Wars fan. Cats make me happy

PHAB has helped me experience the best of a phone and a tablet. For a techie like me, that’s a dream come true. People tell me I’m lucky because I get to try every little nifty gadget that hits the market. Yeah, I am. But this time around, I'm getting to experiment with something months before it's launch. 

When my mom first saw the device she was elated. Undoubtedly, it was the PHABs screen size that caught her attention. She loves playing games on it and because of the big screen, her eyes don't hurt. Same is the case with my dad. The other day I couldn't find my PHAB at home and then I spotted my dad watching videos on it. I asked him to return my PHAB and he refused to let go. He requested me to let him use it for some more time.  

The PHAB craze has not just taken over my parents. Even my colleagues were taken aback by the PHAB experience. They were mighty impressed by the stock Android option. They were of the opinion that the PHAB can be used more like a tablet but when they realised that it could also be used like a phone, they were stoked! 

Stay tuned, and I'll keep you posted on all the news and views on the PHAB.