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A few hiccups in the start but I've eventually adapted to this device

By Jayesh Limaye

Monday -  21st September, 2015

Today was my first day with the Lenovo PHAB, and I tried to get used to it. I have already have two bad experiences about the device, which is not a good start for me.

First: My nano SIM simply would  fit in the tray, but wouldn’t slide in, no matter how hard I tried. I got it replaced with a fresh one, but the story was the same. Worse, I almost lost it inside the slot after I forced the tray into the slot and then tried to retract it as the SIM wasn’t recognised. I could finally get it out after 20 or so agonising minutes. The micro SIM works perfectly and I can also put in my microSD memory card (although it is not that built-in 32 GB is not enough for me). This way looks good for me.

Second: I took the fully charged PHAB to work. I decided to give a try to the one-handed feature of the device while I was traveling by train. However, I quickly realized that this is not for me, thanks to my butter-fingers. It is better to use it with both hands and wait for some protective accessory before I repeat the one-handed experiment. That being said, I think this should not be a problem for those with larger and more capable hands.

Tuesday -  22nd September, 2015

Today, I was fortunate enough to get a seat in the train, hence decided to take out this yet-to-be-released device in the wild (read – crowd of onlookers, fellow travellers). I could gauge the curiosity on everyone’s faces. A bunch of college kids seemed to recognise the device because they had read about it being released in another country. I asked them their opinion about the device’s looks and it was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was impressed by the slim metallic body, the considerably light weight, and overall looks.

I had downloaded a few movies and serials to check out the viewing experience. I must mention that the hi-res screen is dazzling with vivid colours. The blacks look almost as black as an OLED screen. I had also downloaded a few games and the experience was definitely pleasant. I once again turned to the college kids to get their opinion. Needless to say, they echoed my sentiments. The generously sized gorgeous screen and the smooth video and gameplay was what impressed them the most. The battery, which was at 70% in the morning, was completely drained by the end of the day due to the heavy usage. Nevertheless, 2 days without a recharge is impressive in its own right these days.

Wednesday - 23rd September, 2015

I decided to get a little more adventurous today – I tried to use the large phablet to make and receive calls – without a handsfree. Although technically, there was no problem, it was a weird experience – almost feeling as if I was trying to hide my face from someone with the aid of the PHAB. (I think that can be one of its inadvertent USPs :-) ) It made me feel weirder also because of the exclamatory reactions of onlookers and even my colleagues. I finally switched to using my handsfree after a few hours. Once again, the battery was still at 80% as of the time of this writing, after a full charge this morning. It continues to impress me.

Thursday - 24th September, 2015

In addition to the regular entertainment chores, the Lenovo PHAB proved today that it is also good as a business productivity device. Viewing and editing spreadsheets and documents on the large 6.8” screen is a comfortable experience with the convenience of portability. For some reason, our office phone wouldn’t work and we had an important conference call to attend in a few moments. The PHAB saved the day with its loud and clear speakerphone. In the evening, I had to attend a Cisco WebEx meeting. However, my Windows 10 PC played spoilsport, thanks to a compatibility issue which makes it impossible to play WebEx meetings. Yet again, the Lenovo PHAB proved to be a saviour by allowing me to attend the meeting within seconds of installing the necessary application. I am truly indebted.

Friday - 25th September, 2015

Today was a holiday and we (me and wife) decided to take the Lenovo PHAB on a cab ride to Mumbai. Right from the beginning of the journey, the PHAB came in handy. It acted as our personal navigator throughout the journey. It helped us select the movie to watch by first playing the trailer, reading reviews, and then booking the ticket itself at the nearest venue via the Bookmyshow app. It didn’t allow us a minute of boredom during our entire journey by serving as our car entertainment centre with the Dolby ATMOS audio. Finally, it also provided internet connectivity to our mobile phones and even outlasted them as their batteries ran out of juice. My wife has taken note of it and I am already feeling threatened of being forced to relinquish the rights to the device soon. Of course, I will happily oblige.