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Dolby Atmos amplifies the performance, quite literally!

By 2 Blue
Singer, writer, actor, and now a radio jockey. Currently playing Judas in Alyque Padamsee’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Being on stage is one thing watching yourself live on anything lower than a 5 inch screen is just not worth it.

A concert is a celebration – of music and memories. I look at every LIVE performance like a pilgrimage. And I prefer documenting each and every such experience that I have, so that I don’t miss out on those special moments.

Recently, I performed with my band at Hard Rock Cafe Worli. When one is performing LIVE, the ambient lighting keeps changing at the venue. I’d given my PHAB to one of my friends and asked him to capture some pictures. Despite, the constant change in light, you can see how the PHAB managed to take some awesome pictures. No filters have been used in any of the pictures.

Long story short - Front camera or rear, your memories stay PHABulous with the new PHAB. And the bigger screen only gives you a bigger playground while using the editing tools. I’d like to thank Lenovo for making it easy for me to document such moments in my life. I’ll save them for posterity. Keep up the PHABulous work.