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My dad was super-impressed with the Dolby Atmos speakers on the device

By Amena
When it comes to new technology, I'm skeptical and resistant at first and, over time, in love with it!

I’m so old-school usually. I like to hold a book, get a whiff of a page when I turn it. I love reading on the PHAB but I don't think I'll be making that transition just yet. I've gotten used to the device in a way. Although, taking a selfie is hard as the device doesn't fit in my palm, it's great that one can fit a group of people in the frame. I love the image clarity. I also use the device to put together looks for my fashion blog. When people around me spot the PHAB, the first thing they comment on is its size and the overall look and feel. My dad was super-impressed with the speakers on the device. He loves listening to music on it. He does it all the time. 

At first, I did not know what to make of this oversized hybrid technology marvel. But as I explored it I started enjoying myself and now I am in love with it. From making collages on Polyvore to catching up on my favourite TV shows to stalking my latest celebrity crush on social media, the Phab is my go to device for all things virtual.